The Society for Entrepreneurial Education and Development (S.E.E.D.) is a newly formed charity with the principal function of empowering Disadvantaged communities to become more productive members of society by providing them with Education, Training, Mentorship and Workspace services and facilities.

It aims to provide sustainable open access pathways to Entrepreneurial Resources and Mentorship through the creation of a replicable innovation ecosystem.

S.E.E.D. is based on four pillars:

Access for All: The provision of advice, facilities, workspace, training, events, networking and Mentorship to the aforementioned Disadvantaged;

Paying It Forward: The beneficiary of a good deed repays it to others, instead of to the original benefactor. Hence, a Mentor ‘pays it forward’ to an Entrepreneur; in turn, Entrepreneurs ‘pay it forward’ in the form of job creation, Mentorship and other assistance to the Disadvantaged;

Innovation: The translation of an idea or invention into a product or service that creates value to society or for which customers will pay;

Lean Startup: A principled approach to creating and managing Startups, new product development and new business generation. The Lean Startup method teaches how to establish a Startup (how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere) and grow the business with maximum acceleration.